Wealden Game Farm


Wealden Game Farm offer chicks and poults of the finest quality

Polish Bazant

One of our most popular breeds.  Big strong and powerful flyers, this ability comes from the European style of hunting and largely having closed flocks.


Dependable bird and has been around since driven shooting started, a good holding bird.


Again a familiar site on shoots up and down the country, known for it’s holding value.

Manchurian x Ringneck

A challenging pheasant in every way.  Tracing its origin from imports from China into Macfarlane Pheasants USA, whom have one of the only pure flocks of Manchurians in the world.  Very shy, excellent flyers but won’t take too much shooting pressure.

Polish Kansas & Kansas x

Origins from Thundering Wings Pheasant Farm Kansas, crossed with a traditional Ringneck.  A good all round high flying sporting bird.

Chinese Ringneck

Very similar in look to the Kansas but a smaller bird, being probably one of the smallest types of pheasant in the UK, known for their fast high flying ability.


Red legged sourced from Spanish and French stock to customers requirements .