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Wealden Game Farm

Producers Of The Finest Quality Gamebirds

About Us

Paul Smith started his career in the Game Industry in the late 80’s, firstly as an Under Keeper then going on to be Head Keeper and Shoot Manager on some very prestigious shooting estates. Learning the trade from egg production, incubation, rearing and release.

With Paul’s experience and knowledge we are well qualified to produce and supply strong healthy game birds. Wealden Game Farm, producers of the Finest Quality Gamebirds is a family run business based in Sussex, supplying and delivering top quality game birds across the UK. As we are a family run business our ethos is to run a traditional game farm with low stock density in our rearing sheds ensuring healthy well feathered birds. Stress is to kept to an absolute minimum.

Our rearing system consists of large 16 x 24yds sheds with night shelters and large runs. We never rear on the same field year on year and have the facilities to operate a 3 year rotation system.
We can supply all pheasant strains to order and source our day old chicks only from reputable suppliers in England, France and Poland. Our partridge chicks are sourced from the highest quality suppliers in Spain and France.

We do not cut any corners, in particular the dietary needs of our birds is the highest quality we can source, ensuring that we produce strong healthy poults. Medication is kept to a minimum to allow the birds own immune system to develop naturally.

Our pheasant poults are available from 6 1/2 – 7 weeks, we catch, load and deliver personally to ensure their stress is kept to a minimum. Wealden Game Farm is located in Sussex and we deliver nationally. Inspection is welcomed and we can provide client testimonials upon request.

Why Choose Us

Choosing the right bird suppliers is a very important step and here’s why..


We have over 25 years experience in the Game Industry.


We are a traditional high quality game farm based in Sussex.

Stock Density

Low stocking density in our rearing sheds enables us to produce top quality poults.

Supply To Order

We can supply all pheasant strains to order and source our day old chicks only from reputable suppliers in England, France, America and Poland.

Quality For Age

Our pheasants at 6 1/2 – 7 weeks and partridges at 12 – 14 weeks are of the highest quality.


A guarantee that all our poults our reared by us and delivered by us.

National Delivery

We can deliver our top quality poults nationally!


At Wealden Game Farm we can deliver nationally. At 6 1/2 to 7 weeks old our pheasant poults are caught, clipped and placed into washable plastic crates in the late evening, travelling overnight to ensure delivery early in the morning, giving the poults time to settle in.

For local deliveries we catch and crate at dawn, delivery is therefore within a few hours. All deliveries are tailored for customer requirements and more importantly minimal stress for the poults.

Partridges are delivered at 12-14 weeks or depending on customer requirements.

We have specialist trailers and four wheel drive vehicles. All of our delivery drivers hold NPTC transport of animals (game bird specific) certificates. Deliveries are accompanied with a delivery and movement note.

Associated Bodies

Trusted by top industry bodies.

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